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My Spring Cleaning Playlist

Spring Cleaning Playlist || Town Lifestyle + Design || Just a little of my motivation to power through the last of that cleaning list

We are more than half way through the Spring season. Anyone still struggling to finish that Spring Cleaning check list like I am? Does anyone actually like spending a whole weekend cleaning every square inch of their home and getting…

DIY: Mason Jar Succulents

DIY Mason Jar Succulents || Town Lifestyle + Design || The perfect homemade Mother's Day gift for those moms with a green thumb. Easy Do It Yourself Mason Jar Cactus + Succulent planter

Succulents have definitely on trend in home decor for the last few years. And it seems like lately this growing obsession is focusing on a specific type of succulent, the cactus. Did you know nearly all cacti are succulents but…

Rocksbox Inspired Design

Rocksbox Inspired Design || Town Lifestyle + Design || Jewelry and Fashion is a major inspiration for interior design. See how my latest rocksbox set influenced this home decor.

I just received another package from Rocksbox. Every box just keeps getting better! This week has been crazy with design and styling projects, and I haven't left the office much. The beautiful pieces are sitting there staring, screaming Wear Me, Wear Me.…