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DIY: Mason Jar Succulents

DIY Mason Jar Succulents || Town Lifestyle + Design || The perfect homemade Mother's Day gift for those moms with a green thumb. Easy Do It Yourself Mason Jar Cactus + Succulent planter

Succulents have definitely on trend in home decor for the last few years. And it seems like lately this growing obsession is focusing on a specific type of succulent, the cactus. Did you know nearly all cacti are succulents but…

Rocksbox Inspired Design

Rocksbox Inspired Design || Town Lifestyle + Design || Jewelry and Fashion is a major inspiration for interior design. See how my latest rocksbox set influenced this home decor.

I just received another package from Rocksbox. Every box just keeps getting better! This week has been crazy with design and styling projects, and I haven't left the office much. The beautiful pieces are sitting there staring, screaming Wear Me, Wear Me.…