Top 5 Bookcases of the Day + Styling Tips

February 22, 2016

Looking for stylish accessories? Struggling on how to style your bookcase? Get tips + tricks on Town Lifestyle + Design

Happy Monday y’all! Hope everyone had a great weekend! As most of you know by now Im a big reader and have an obsession with buying new books (I haven’t got into the whole Nook or Kindle thing yet). I have been collecting books since High School and have a fairly large collection. But what to do with all these books? Its boring just to box them up and hide them under the bed.. they should be displayed like the works of art they are and play the perfect space fillers and risers in any bookcase or shelf. Starting this Monday off right, I thought I would share with you my ideal bookcase inspiration and where to find similar accessories to fill your own shelves. Bookcase Styling 101.

Bookcase of the day || Town Lifestyle + DesignBookcase of the day || Town Lifestyle + Design

Accessorizing a bookcase or any shelving unit can be hard. Finding all the right pieces, then laying it out in the right way… SUPER STRESSFUL am I right?! Well I have broken down what you need and step-by-step how to create the perfect bookcase styling.

W H A T   Y O U   N E E D:

  • your favorite books
  • tall accent pieces
  • picture frames
  • greenery
  • objects of interest (different shapes, texture, and color)
  • beautiful boxes

Bookcase of the day || Town Lifestyle + DesignBookcase of the day || Town Lifestyle + Design


LAYER: add elements to the back of the bookcase and continue it to the bookcase frame

HEIGHT: Incorporate elements with varying heights. Display smaller accessories in front and place taller and larger pieces behind.

MIX IT UP: Display a mixture of books, accessories, collectable, DIY creations + photos.

BOOKS: Books are beautiful. From their color to their typography, books are truly art, so let them tell a story. Display them horizontally + vertically, by color or by subject.

* rule of 3: style in groups of threes, this helps create balance.

*color crush: I like to keep the spines of my book in somewhat of a color coded arrangement. You can remove the dust jackets off some books if their spine underneath is a better color.

   Bookcase of the day || Town Lifestyle + Design


I’m attracted to cool and unique accent pieces. A bookcase is the perfect place to display any fun memorabilia or store bought accents that fit your style. I like to place a lot of these on top of stacks of books to spice things up a bit.  If you’re struggling to find accessories here are some of my favorites! You can find the links to these items and so many more on my Pinterest Board.

Looking for stylish accessories? Struggling on how to style your bookcase. Get tips + tricks on Town Lifestyle + Design

If you liked this post and are looking for other home decor ‘HOW TO’S’ you can find my Mix + Match Pillow Combo and Coffee Table Styling posts here! Or shoot me a comment and I’ll be sure to post about other tips + tricks you’re interested in. Good luck with your own bookcase styling project. xoxo

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