Introducing Project Houston Heights – Part I

December 1, 2017

Hey y’all! Happy Friday! I hope everyone is getting into the full swing of the holidays (hello DECEMBER). We had a lot of travel in the month of November, I feel like it has been a little hard to pull everything out and start decorating. But, in hopes to start getting more content on the blog I thought I would start introducing the projects I have been working on. To start, here is Part One of our Project Houston Heights. Part Two will be out next week. We recently wrapped up and photographed this project,  which is why I am brining you up to speed with this one first. Below you will find Before Photos and Design Concepts for the Entry and Formal Living Room.


This client came to be as an original e-design client with three small children living in a 100 year old house and wanting to pull everything together and give the space a soft, sophisticated and finished look. I started this project like I do every e-design project with a video consultation where I had the client walk me through the space, telling me what they feel they need/want for each area as well as discussing their personal design style. I also have them send me photos (which is what you are seeing here), measurements and a Pinterest board. This client has a love for washed colors, subtle patterns and modern finishes (think Anthropologie meets West Elm). They had a handful of the core pieces, but needed help finishing up the four major downstairs spaces. Since they are located in Houston, only a 3 hour drive from my office in San Antonio, I decided to have a few of the initial meetings/presentations in person, not typical for all e-design clients but when they are so close it is nice to have a few face to face meetings.


This home had a long traditional entryway/hallway that had little wall space for furniture. The client had an amazing kilim rug that fit the space perfectly and brought in a ton of color, but the table at the end of the hall got somewhat lost with the large scale lighter piece of artwork. We were hoping to tie in this end of the hallway with the rug, adding some artwork, updating the chandelier, and bring in some additional lighting. On the other end of the hallway near the front door was the real challenge. There are a ton of doorways leading to the formal living room, the school room, and the front door, that there was almost no room for a console table or place to set mail or keys.

Houston Heights Entryway Before || Town Lifestyle and Design Houston Heights Entryway Before || Town Lifestyle and Design

Here is the proposed layout I created, no real surprise, and the two concepts for the space. From the initial concept phase there are always a few tweaks that may happen due to pricing and availability.In the two different concepts I created for this space, we brought in some of that additional color through the artwork and possible upholstery for accent chairs we would add to the table area. We were also able to find a few chests that were small and narrow enough to fit along one of the sides of the door and basket for the other corner as an easy place to throw shoes, bags and jackets for the kidos.

Houston Heights Entry Floor Plan || Town Lifestyle and Design

Houston Heights Entryway Concept || Town Lifestyle and Design Houston Heights Entryway Concept || Town Lifestyle and Design

As you can tell by the decor, it was this time last year that I connected with the client and they sent me the original photos of the space. The Formal Living Room was another awkwardly long space that the client always had difficulty with the layout. There are multiple doorways in this space as well so creating a functional and comfortable seating area was almost impossible. For this room, they wanted some book storage as well as a place for a piano that was being passed down to them. Being that this was an area the kids didnt spend a ton of time in, we were able to keep this space feeling slightly more formal and sophisticated.

Houston Heights Formal Living Room Before || Town Lifestyle and Design Houston Heights Formal Living Room Before || Town Lifestyle and Design

With these concepts I started by switching up the layout a little, opening the space up by placing the occasional chairs in front of the windows with a tall bookcase for storage and the piano on the opposite side of the room with some cool vintage music sheet artwork. I wanted to continue the pops of color we had in the entry to this space as well, so you can see in the concepts below, I added colorful drapery, fun artwork and some pillows to pull in that pop. There isn’t a major difference between these two concepts, other then the pieces provide different options on where the strong pop of color/focal point would be.

Houston Heights Formal Living Room Concept || Town Lifestyle and Design Houston Heights Formal Living Room Concept || Town Lifestyle and Design

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