December 13, 2015

Its funny. As I started this post I meant for it to be my TOP 10 PINTEREST PINS. Thinking I would go through all my boards (all 32 or so of them) and find the ones what were repined the most. Well I started with my first board. INSPIRE. I have over 1,000 pins in there. And I liked too many of them and it seems like everyone else did too. So thats how we landed on todays post. My TOP 10 INSPIRATIONAL PINTEREST PINS.

Pinterest holds a close place in my heart. Started mine about 5 or 6 years ago. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was a Sophomore in College, sitting in my room in my sorority house and hearing/seeing everyone talk about it on Facebook. I was putting off studying or writing a paper of course! So I decided to create an account to the fun began! I must have been on the site for hours. This was before it even became really popular and everyone used it for recipes and design tips. Over the years I have rearranged and deleted boards over and over. The most recent however was a little over 2 years ago when I was preparing my Thesis presentation for my Interior Design degree. I had already been in the Interior Design industry for about a year and I was finding that when looking for visiting for specific projects it was really confusing and I was waiting a lot of time. So I decided to re-pin all, yes ALL, my pins into boards based on room or holiday (again, a great way to procrastinate a project).

We will get to some of my other boards later, but my favorite and probably most pinned board is by far INSPIRE. This board is for everything I find inspiring or beautiful. It could be a color, texture, clothing, tile, any kind of detail that is unique. Now this board comes in hand A LOT. When starting a design project the first thing I do is look for inspiration. I start with mood shots. These come out of my Inspire board or A Little Accent. This can define a color, style, or mood I am trying to accomplish for my client. These images can set the whole tone for a project and often times these are photos clients enjoy the most. It tends to make a presentation feel warmer and more realistic than the 2D images we are showing them on a screen or a printed out concept board.

So I went through this board first. The most important. My favorite. And I selected My Top 10 (old and new). If you scroll through my board you can definitely see how my style has changed over the year. This could be because of personal style or the style of a client I was working on at that time. Its hard for me to define my current style at the moment, but isn’t it always for designers?

I hope you find these as inspirational as I do. If there was another “pin” you found inspirational in my board please comment below. xoxo



Giving y’all a bonus inspiration photo:


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    Your so talented! Xoxoxo

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      Town Lifestyle + Design

      aww thank you <3

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