Why I Painted My Bedroom Wall Black!

January 26, 2017

Why I Painted my Bedroom Wall Black! || Town Lifestyle + Design || Black is quite the bold accent wall color, but hear why its the perfect color for a Moody Bedroom Design.

I have yet to make a final decision on the look I want for my bed/headboard and I was itching to give my bedroom more of a finished look, so I thought it may be more cost effective and easy to change later on to add some paint to the walls. I was already planning on renewing my lease for at least another year, so I figured why not! Now, for choosing a color.

I always like to think more long term. Whats a classic look with a modern twist and what color would go well with my white euros and denim washed pillows? I already know my headboard/bed will probably be a light grey or neutral color so I wanted a strong contrast. I was thinking a deep charcoal grey, but to find the right one?

At that same time, I wasย working on updating a new nightstand/chest and painting it from Blue to Black. I had a ton of extra black paint, so rather than buying extra I thought what the heck and started painting away. I used Behr Marquee in Limousine Leather in Eggshell and I absolutely love it! It adds such a moody vibe to the room and my bedding really pops now! I also added a longhorn skull above the bed to finished it off and have that perfect mix of rustic and modern.

After putting it off for so long and being nervous about going so dark, I cant imagine not having the Black accent and no matter where I move in the future, I think there will always be at least one black accent wall in my home. Whats your favorite black paint and where would you paint your black accent wall?

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    It looks awesome! I would love to see the room as a whole.

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