Project Reveal: #projectmanhattanbeach

February 2, 2017

Project Reveal: #projectmanhattanbeach || Town Lifestyle + Design || Fireplace Remodel

Hey Y’all! Hope you’re having a great week! Today I wanted to share with you another project reveal that I have been working on over the past few months. This reveal is not so much room design, but a fireplace remodel. A friend of mine from California emailed me in dire need to update her formal living room fireplace. I had helped with the design of the room in my early days at a California design firm, but now was time to step it up a notch. Her husband came home from a hunting trip with a Moose Rack and wanted to display his prize, but she didn’t quite know how to blend it in with her clean, modern and somewhat coastal design. He loves the rustic look but she didn’t want the space to start to feel like cabin. So the designing began.


Below is a before photo of the space. As I mentioned above, the decor was something I had assisted on while working for a design firm out in California (so not really my work). One of the clients biggest issues with this space is the high ceilings that open up to the second floor. They hated how the fireplace stopped mid wall and wanted the new design to be carried all the way up to the ceiling.

Project Reveal: #projectmanhattanbeach || Town Lifestyle + Design || Fireplace Remodel


With the moose rack being the main focal point and not wanting to take away from it, I liked keeping the rest of the design light, clean and simple. His tastes are very rustic and he wanted to bring in some rustic wood and stone elements, but I thought this would make the room feel busy and heavy if we filled the wall with a bunch of warm tones. She wanted light, clean and simple, sticking to more of a modern look. Being that their home is near the beach, I thought bringing in a shiplap detail paired with a natural wood beam mantel would create a perfect balance. A soapstone surround added a little bit of darkness and brought in the stone element without going to rustic.

The sides of the fireplace were always an awkward space, that when designing initially we didn’t quite know what to do with. Since they were going through the effort of a remodel, I thought it would be best to expand on the fireplace adding bookcases to either side and some additional firewood storage on the larger side.

Project Reveal: #projectmanhattanbeach || Town Lifestyle + Design || Fireplace Remodel


OBSESSED with the final product! It is crazy how exact the space looks to the initial rendering. The moose rack still remains the focal point, but the new white fireplace creates a perfect back drop to help blend the two design styles with the original decor of the room.

Project Reveal: #projectmanhattanbeach || Town Lifestyle + Design || Fireplace Remodel

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